Climate Change - The Impact

International Digital Art Exhibition
“Lost Dog" 1150 Main Ave. Durango, Colorado, USA. 
24th August - 16th September, 2007
The Exhibit  includes 22 Artists from 11 countries around the globe  including  Australia,  Canada,  Iran,  Germany,  Italy,  Jamaica,  Russia,  Singapore,  Switzerland,  Turkey and USA .

The show originally started this year as an online international art project by Rainer Grassmuck in Wuppertal, Germany who is a member of the international Webist group

Habib Aghamohammadi
David Borawski
Dr. Rodney Chang (Pygoya)
Edem Elesh
Rainer Grassmuck
Mahinth Gokul
Gerhard Hoberth
Vildan Isik
Henry Janok
Ingrid Kamerbeek
Brigitta Krause
Andre Maitre
Chris Marshall
Dan McCormack
Alan McKee
Olga Pavlova
Vittorio Pavoncello
Steven W. Pollard
John Powell
Arno Signarowski
Parys St. Martin
Kenneth Edward Swinsco
Special Thanks

To all the artists involved

Anne & Victor and Staff at The Lost Dog for their Venue and sponsorship/support

Allen and Patrick for assisting with setting up the show

Parys St. Martin